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BYU program brings Native American arts to Utah classrooms

By Katerina Gasset

I've got something exciting to share, something that blends education, culture, and art in the most beautiful way. It's about a fantastic program by Brigham Young University that's bringing Native American art right into Utah's classrooms. 

BYU's Cultural Mission

  • Program Name: "Learning Edge North American - Native American Arts."
  • The Goal: To introduce students to the rich heritage of Native American art.
  • How It Works: Professional artists visit schools to teach and share their craft.

This initiative is like a breath of fresh air in our education system. Imagine kids in Utah getting up close and personal with authentic Native American art forms – from pottery making to storytelling. It's not just about learning a skill; it’s about diving deep into a culture that’s as old as time.

The Magic of Hands-On Learning

  • Interactive Sessions: Kids don't just watch; they get to create their own art.
  • Storytelling: Every piece of art comes with a story, a piece of history.
  • Cultural Exchange: It’s a two-way street where everyone learns and grows.

Now, let me relate this to something I experienced – the 3rd Annual Bolivian Festival in Orem, Utah. I wrote about it not too long ago. That festival was a dazzling display of Bolivian culture, and it struck me how similar it was to this BYU program. Both are about celebrating and sharing cultural heritage, and let me tell you, the impact is profound.

Celebrating Diversity: From Native Arts to Bolivian Beats

Photo of the booths at the Bolivian Festival in Orem Utah
  • BYU Program & Bolivian Festival: Both highlight the importance of cultural diversity.
  • Learning Through Experiences: Whether it's a dance at the festival or a pottery class, we learn by doing and engaging.
  • Community Impact: These events bring people together, fostering understanding and appreciation.

I remember watching the vibrant Bolivian dances and feeling a sense of connection. This BYU program aims to evoke the same feeling in students, helping them see the world through a different lens. It’s about building bridges, one art piece at a time.

Why This Matters

  • Educational Impact: Students gain a broader perspective on history and culture.
  • Preserving Traditions: These arts are treasures, and this program helps keep them alive.
  • Building Respect: Understanding different cultures fosters respect and unity.

The artists involved in BYU's program are not just teachers; they are keepers of their heritage. They bring stories, techniques, and a piece of their soul into these classrooms. It’s not every day that you get to learn from someone who lives and breathes their art.

The Artists' Touch

  • Real Artists, Real Stories: Each artist brings a personal touch to their craft.
  • Living History: Through their art, students experience centuries of history.
  • Inspiration: These artists are role models, showing kids the power of creativity.

This program isn't just a one-off thing. It’s a growing movement. More schools are signing up, more artists are getting involved, and the ripples are being felt across the state. It’s a testament to how arts and education can come together to create something truly magical.

The Growing Wave

Photo showing Latin American hand-made crafts and accessories
  • Expanding Reach: More schools across Utah are welcoming this program.
  • Diverse Art Forms: From beadwork to weaving, the range of arts is expanding.
  • Community Support: There’s a growing enthusiasm and support for this initiative.

In my view, BYU's program is a shining example of how we can enrich education with culture and art. It’s about giving kids not just knowledge, but experiences that shape their understanding of the world.

Speaking of global education, BYU topped the US Universities list for the best study abroad programs. Read the full article here: BYU Study Abroad Programs Ranked #1

So, here’s a big shoutout to BYU and everyone involved in this wonderful initiative. You’re not just teaching art; you’re weaving threads of understanding and respect across communities. And to all the young minds experiencing these arts first-hand, soak it all in – you’re part of something truly special.

Stay tuned for more stories, adventures, and cultural explorations from around Utah. It’s a place where education meets tradition, and I’m here to share every vibrant bit of it with you. Here’s to learning, creating, and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures in our beautiful state! 🎨🌎👏

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