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Brigham Young University (BYU) Museum of Art Events in Provo Utah 2024

By Katerina Gasset

As a Provo local, I've always been captivated by the Brigham Young University Museum of Art, a gem that's not just free but a haven of tranquility and inspiration.

What truly sets it apart for me, beyond its serene ambiance, is the vibrant tapestry of events it hosts. These gatherings are not mere events; they're a celebration of art, culture, and community that continually renew my appreciation for the creative spirit.

Each visit is a unique journey through the rich world of art, making the BYU Museum of Art an unforgettable part of my Provo experience.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art: History and Architecture

The Brigham Young University Museum of Art, a beacon of cultural and artistic excellence, is one of the largest and most attended art museums in the Mountain West.

Mahoni Mackintosh Young was one of Brigham Young’s grandsons. Mahonri donated his own artwork to the BYU. His generosity was contagious. Other artists began donating their artwork as well. The art collection grew and grew. Soon there was not enough space to display it all!

That’s when the idea for the BYU Museum of Art was born. 

Since its inauguration in 1993, the museum has been a space where art and education converge, nestled in the heart of BYU's scenic campus in Provo.

Designed by Los Angeles architect James Langenheim with contributions from the Smithsonian Institution, the Getty Museum, and the National Gallery of Art, the BYU Museum of Art now stands as a grandiose structure as world-class as the art pieces it houses.

The building is a masterpiece, blending modern aesthetics with a functionality that enhances the viewer's experience. Its expansive galleries house a diverse collection ranging from classical to contemporary art, offering visitors a rich tapestry of human expression and creativity through the ages.

Here's my blog post about the tours I did at the BYU Museum of Art: Brigham Young University Museum of Art in Provo. From the best exhibits to what to order on their famous MOA Cafe, I got them all covered!

Brigham Young University (BYU) Museum of Art Location and Opening Hours

Located at the heart of Brigham Young University's campus in Provo, Utah, the BYU Museum of Art is easily accessible to students, faculty, and the broader community for free.

BYU Museum of Art is located at North Campus Drive, Provo, UT 84602.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday, with hours that accommodate both early birds and late-afternoon explorers.

Monday, Thursday, Friday - 10 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday - 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

For specific opening hours and holiday schedules, visitors are encouraged to check the museum's official website or contact the museum directly.

BYU MOA Events 2024

Each event at the BYU MOA is thoughtfully crafted to offer unique perspectives on art and creativity, making every visit a memorable experience.

Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or new to the art world, the BYU Museum of Art's events calendar has something to inspire everyone.

What Kind of Events Can I Attend at BYU MOA?

The BYU Museum of Art offers a dynamic range of events designed to engage, educate, and inspire visitors of all ages. Click on the link to each event for more details.


Seasonally rotating displays that feature works from international artists, thematic art collections, and historical art movements.

Art Workshops

Hands-on sessions where participants can learn new techniques, from traditional painting to digital art, under the guidance of experienced artists and educators.

Lecture Series

Engaging talks by art historians, contemporary artists, and scholars that provide deeper insights into current exhibitions and art trends.

Family Days (FHE)

Fun-filled events designed for families, featuring interactive art activities, scavenger hunts, and storytelling sessions to spark creativity in young minds.

Cultural Nights

Evenings dedicated to celebrating art and culture from around the globe, often accompanied by music, performances, and food.

Got more than 10 people in your group? You can ask for guided or self-guided visits. It’s a great chance to learn more about the art with a knowledgeable guide. 

Check the BYU Museum of Art website for more info or group reservations.  



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