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Red Giant Escape Rooms in Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Escape rooms are a truly unique and exciting experience that allows you to test your mental abilities and problem-solving skills in a fun and thrilling setting. 

As you work your way through a series of puzzles and clues, you have to really think on your feet and use all of your skills to find the answers and escape within the set time limit. 

I have personally experienced this kind of excitement at the Red Giant Escape Rooms in Provo/Orem, Utah, and let me tell you that it is truly an exhilarating and unforgettable experience! 

Red Giant Escape Room Experience 

Friday night, my youngest son invited me to do an “Escape Room.” I was a little apprehensive. I have never done one in my life, but my son told me it’s a lot of fun. 

He needed to explain the process, since I was scared of getting claustrophobic in such a small space.

Come to find out –the rooms are plenty large enough. I made sure he chose an escape room that was not scary. 

Escape rooms are immersive entertainment. It’s like you’re actually in the middle of a mystery. You are all hands-on. It takes your entire team to gather the clues and work together to escape the room. 

Red Giant Escape Room Contact Number and Address

We chose the Red Giant Escape Rooms in Orem (very close to Provo) at 1666 S State Street. 

Red Giant Escape Rooms is Utah’s #1 Rated Escape Room. 

One of the features that sets Red Giant Escape Rooms apart from other escape rooms are their live guides (actors) who help give you clues. Ours was so helpful, using her English accent and dressing the part. 

Red Giant Escape Room in Orem Utah Poster. We love that they have live actors and original themes to choose from!

She helped us get started on our challenge and gave us clues when we needed them. We had a lot of fun working together to solve the puzzles and escape from the room! 

Red Giant Escape Rooms are the perfect place to have some fun and get your mind working. The rooms are about 750 square feet, so you won’t feel cramped and claustrophobic. (This is not a guarantee or medical opinion.) 

They have six different rooms for you to choose from: 

  • Xenomorph (The Queen’s Spawn)
  • Excalibur (The Sword of the King)
  • Neverland (The Hunt for Tinkerbell)
  • Ministry of Magic and the Time Turner
  • Deep South (The Butcher’s Basement)
Patient Zero Poster at the Red Giant Escape Rooms in Orem Utah
  • Patient Zero (The Death Cure)

We chose the Excalibur room since this was my first time and I didn’t want to start screaming from being scared. It looked like it was the most tamed room. 

Before you enter your room, you have to watch a short video of the rules, and then the attendant goes over the locks with you and your group. Don’t worry if you don’t understand something at first; they’ll explain everything before you begin. 

Photo I took of Xenomorph- one of the escape rooms at the Red Giant Escape Room in Orem Utah

There is no photography or video allowed in the escape rooms. 

The reason for this is pretty simple – if people could take pictures or videos of all the clues and share them online, it would ruin the fun for everyone else. People would just go on Instagram or Snapchat and see all the answers instead of actually trying to solve the puzzles themselves. 

The Excalibur has a 40 - 45% difficulty, which means that only 40 to 45% of the people who go through the room actually escape in the allotted time, which is one hour. It is fun, so give it a try! 

We were a party of 4 people. 

We had a lot of fun trying. We raced against the clock, working together to try and solve the puzzles. In the end, we just didn’t make it. We didn’t make it through in time, but we had a great experience nonetheless. 

I was impressed with the number of artifacts and time period decorations the room was filled with. It made for a really engaging experience! 

When I first started in the room, I had no idea what to do. After a while, I learned how the codes worked and how to look for clues, and I was eventually able to open several very important locks that had hidden clues inside them. 

The object is to collect 3 of King Arthur’s relics and place them on the stone with the sword. This would release the sword and complete the escape room. But it won’t be easy – there are puzzles to solve and clues to find. 

It was dark, and the live actor gives you little lanterns to use. This makes it harder to find clues and codes :). 

My son has done several escape rooms around the country, and he knew many tips I didn’t know. The more experience you get at solving the puzzles and finding the clues to unlock the locks, the faster you will be at learning to escape the room. 

Tips on How to Beat an Escape Room 

One of the Escape Rooms in Red Giant Escape Room Orem Utah- a great place to visit with family near Provo

Here are a few things that my son shared with me. First of all, always take your time and look carefully at everything in the room. It’s easy to miss something important if you rush through it. 

Second, try not to get too frustrated if things don’t seem to be making sense at first. There is usually a pattern or logic behind the clues that will become clear as you keep looking for them. 

And lastly, teamwork is the key! If you can work together with your fellow players, chances are you will solve the puzzle faster than if everyone is working on their own. 

Katerina Gasset and Family at the Red Giant Escape Rooms in Orem Utah

Since they don’t allow photos inside the Red Giant Escape Rooms, I could only take them outside, and we did get one of us in the lobby. 

Anyway, if you haven’t been there yet, I definitely recommend it! It’s a lot of fun, and you can make it as challenging or easy as you want.

Review - 5 stars! 

Red Giant Escape Room Review by Katerina Gasset, Owner of Move to Provo Website

I love Red Giant Escape Rooms – they’re such a fun way to spend time with your family or friends. I like that it’s locally owned and operated – it feels like a community space, and I appreciate the attention to detail that the owners put into each room. 

The puzzles are clever and engaging, and I feel like I’m learning something new by playing. Definitely worth checking out! 


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