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Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream in Downtown Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Subzero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah, creates some of the creamiest ice cream you will find. 

Liquid nitrogen is 3 times colder than the coldest place on Earth. Subzero keeps its nitrogen at -321 F. That is COLD!!! 

The Subzero staff pours your personalized ice cream mix into a bowl. Here comes the coolest part - and I mean that literally!

Photo showing how nitrogen ice cream is made. Image captured at Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream Downtown Provo Utah by Katerina Gasset, owner and author of the Move to Provo website

The Subzero team adds liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes. With that super chilly -320°F liquid nitrogen, your ice cream turns from a liquid to a solid in just 45 seconds. It's like a magic show with a delicious ending! 🍦🤩

Photo of the nitrogen ice cream served at the Subzero Ice Cream store located in Provo Utah

Patience is the key because each order is made to order. You place your order and then you watch it being created right in front of your eyes. There is a safety glass between you and the nitrogen. Only one ice cream order at a time is made. 

It is really fun to watch, especially for children. But if you have not seen nitrogen ice cream being made as an adult, you are in for a treat. 

Location of Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah

The Sub Zero Ice Cream is located at 62 West Center Street Provo, UT, 84601 

Hours of Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah 

Photo taken inside Subzero Ice Cream in Provo Utah

The Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah, is open: 

Monday - Saturday: 12:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. 

How Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo Started

Jerry Hancock loves improving processes and products. He studied chemistry at Brigham Young University and knows much about design and sales. He brought lots of innovative concepts to the frozen dessert industry. What does Jerry love about Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream? It’s freezing cold! 

Photo of ice cream frozen by nitrogen served at Subzero in Downtown Provo

His go-to ice cream combo? Raspberry and coconut with mixed berries! 

Naomi Hancock was a teacher and a park ranger, and she had a degree in English and secondary education. Her background complements Jerry’s passion. She thinks Sub Zero ice cream is unique. Her ice cream of choice? Caramel amaretto with brownies. 

In 2004, Jerry and Naomi started Sub Zero Ice Cream. People loved it from the start! Now, Sub Zero is in the US and worldwide, offering numerous franchise opportunities. 

In 2005, Jerry got a patent for his innovative ice cream freezing process. He made it even better and received a patent encompassing all aspects of the Sub Zero freezing and serving process in 2014. 

In 2008, Sub Zero opened its first franchise location. They now have more than 34 shops, including one in the Bahamas! There are more coming soon. 

In 2013, Sub Zero went on a famous TV show called Shark Tank. The people there loved their ice cream but didn’t invest. But the show helped a lot! Sub Zero got much bigger, from 18 to over 30 shops. 

In 2017, Sub Zero was recognized as one of the “10 Best Franchises to Buy From Shark Tank'' by Forbes. Their unique freezing method using liquid nitrogen to customize each order impressed many. 

Fun Facts About Nitrogen 

Photo of two cups filled with nitrogen ice cream surrounded with festive decorations

Ever wondered why Sub Zero Ice Cream tastes so amazing? It’s all because of nitrogen! Instead of the usual way of making ice cream, they use liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees. This makes the ice cream freeze fast, making it smooth, creamy, and fresh! 

Here are some fun things about nitrogen: 

  • It’s odorless, tasteless, and colorless.
  • More than half of the air we breathe is nitrogen.
  • Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic.
  • Nitrogen makes up three percent of our body weight.
  • Liquid nitrogen melts at super-low temperature of -210 degrees Celsius or -346 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Earth has a lot more nitrogen in its atmosphere than Mars does.

Sub Zero Ice Cream at Shark Tank 

Jerry and Naomi took their Sub Zero Ice Cream to the show Shark Tank, asking for a $300,000 investment in exchange for 12% of their company. They wowed the Sharks by making fresh ice cream, offering many flavors in under a minute. 

Sub Zero Ice Cream already had two stores and 18 franchises, making $2 million in sales then and planning for $4 million for the upcoming year. The couple had trouble before, losing $500,000 in a bad partnership. They wanted the Sharks’ help to make up for that. 

Some of the Sharks weren’t interested. Daymond John felt he lacked the time to develop the business, while Kevin O’Leary didn’t find the product intriguing enough. Robert Herjavec didn’t want to add more partners. Lori Greiner thought the couple could succeed independently. Mark Cuban didn’t want to invest in an ice cream business. 

Even without a deal, being on Shark Tank helped a lot! Sales at most Sub Zero Ice Cream places tripled, so they kept growing across the US and other countries. 

Even though the Sharks said no, people loved their ice cream! 

What’s Unique About Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah?

Subzero School Program

Sub Zero offers an education program tailored for students, focusing on STEM. Their program revolves around the properties of liquid nitrogen, and they show how it works by coming to your school. 

The best part? They make ice cream with liquid nitrogen right in front of the students! Everyone gets to enjoy this unique ice cream made using science tricks. They even have different types for those who can’t have regular ice cream. 

The cost of the school presentation changes based on how many students and teachers are there, the distance traveled, and any extra items requested. Each local Sub Zero location sets its pricing. 

It’s best to contact your nearest Subzero location directly to get details about the cost and schedule a presentation for your school. 


Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo goes beyond just serving dessert. It crafts ice cream for your guests. The catering service allows you to create an impact by personalizing the flavors. Imagine the delight of your guests when they savor freshly frozen ice cream, tailor-made to their liking. 

And guess what? They make throwing a party easy peasy! They care for everything - setting up, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and even cleaning up afterward. You can relax and enjoy your party while they handle the yummy stuff. 

Sub Zero Ice Cream makes it awesome no matter what kind of event you’re throwing - like a wedding, a corporate event, or a fun birthday bash. They’re experts at making your celebration stand out with their yummy ice cream treats. 

Sub Zero Ice Cream simplifies the process with an Event/Catering Request Form on their website. 

Ordering Online 

Want Sub Zero Ice Cream but don’t want to go out? No worries! You can now order online through their website. 

Their website helps you find nearby Sub Zero Ice Cream places where you can order. Just check the map and pick your location. 

You get to decide how you want your ice cream. Wanna go get it yourself? Choose pickup! Rather have it delivered to your door? They’ve got a delivery service for that. 

Ordering online is super easy. You can look at their menu, pick your favorite flavors and toppings, and make your ice cream just how you like it. 

Their website is a breeze to use. Add stuff to your cart, change your order, and checkout without trouble. It’s so easy to get exactly what you’re craving. 

Sub Zero Ice Cream promises top-quality, fresh ice cream. Even when you order online, they take care of your ice cream as if you were there, ensuring it’s as yummy as ever. 


Ever imagined being your own boss? Sub Zero Ice Cream makes it possible! You can start your own ice cream business with them, making yummy nitrogen ice cream and running it yourself. 

Contact Sub Zero Ice Cream to explore the chances of starting your own ice cream business. They’ll give you all the info you need to kickstart your journey as an ice cream entrepreneur. 

You can email Sub Zero Ice Cream at or contact 385-208-4353. They’re excited to help you discover the opportunities waiting for you.

A photo of nitrogen ice cream in a large cup sold at Subzero's Sensation of the Month featuring unique ingredients such as squash as seen in the photo beside the ice cream

Sensation of the Month

Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream always love to present something new! Every month they a promotion called Sensation of the Month (SOTM) evor sometimes around holidays.

Their SOTM usually features unique ingredients that they don't usually have on the menu, or unique combinations that are seasonal or not typical to be combined but that are amazing combinations. They also have a rewards program that we text offers and promotions to regularly.

Menu of Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah 

Sub Zero Ice Cream in Downtown Provo, Utah, currently has no reported health violations by the Utah County Department of Health. You can check the provided link if you would like to verify this information yourself.

Review - 5 Stars 

The experience alone is worth 5 stars. If you haven’t tried nitrogen ice cream, you are missing out on some of the creamiest textures in ice cream. 

The staff behind the counter at Subzero are helpful and attentive. They are great at explaining the process. 






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