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BLOG, Moving to Provo

How to Get Your Water Turned On in Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

How Do I Set Up Water Service in Provo Utah?

The first step in setting up water service in Provo is to contact the city’s 311 Customer Service. This service handles all city utilities, including electricity, water, wastewater, and garbage. 

  • Phone: You can dial 3-1-1 within Provo city limits or dial 801-852-6000. 
  • In-Person: Visit the 311 Customer Service desk located at Provo City Hall.
    • Address: 445 W Center Street, Provo Utah

If you encounter any issues with your water service, such as unexpected outages or billing problems, you can contact Provo’s utility customer service for assistance. The same 311 service can help address your concerns. 

How Much Does Water Cost in Provo Utah?

Water Usage Rates: 

  • During winter, residential water rates start at $1.17 per 1,000 gallons for Tier 1 usage (up to 100,000 gallons). 
  • In the summer, the rates increase to $1.93 per 1,000 gallons for Tier usage. This reflects the higher demand for water during the hotter months when watering lawns and gardens is more common. 

In addition to the usage rates, there’s a fixed monthly service fee. This fee starts at $20.50 and varies depending on the size of your water meter. 

Businesses in Provo have different water rate structures than residential customers. For specific rates, check the Provo City Utilities website or contact the 311 Customer Service for detailed information. 

How To Find Current Rates 

Visit the Provo City Utilities website to see the most current water rates for Provo. They provide up-to-date information on residential and commercial water rates and other utility costs. 

Budgeting for Your Water Bill 

Here are a few tips: 

  • Monitor Your Usage: Monitor your water usage, especially during the summer months when rates are higher. 
  • Set Up Alerts: Use the Provo Public Works online portal to get alerts for high water usage, which can help you avoid unexpected spikes in your bill. 
  • Conservation Programs: Provo promotes water conservation. Check out any available programs or incentives for using water-efficient appliances and fixtures, which can help reduce your overall water bill. 

Additional Considerations 

  • Wastewater and Garbage Services: When setting up your water service, remember to also set up wastewater and garbage services. These are essential utilities you will need in your new home. 

Payment Options: Provo City Utilities offers various payment methods, including online bill pay and automatic payments, making it easier to manage your bills.

Moving to Provo: Everything You Need to Know

Aside from getting your water services turned on, there are still a couple of things to take care of before you can finally say you've got everything you need here in Provo.

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About the author of Move to Provo Utah Website 

Katerina Gasset

When I moved here I was blessed to have my daughter to help with different things you need to know when you move to a new place. I had background from living here before but things have changed a lot too since the '80s. 

We were able to get all the good places to eat down fast - since she knows all that and we have a lot of the same likes in food. But things like how to turn on my electricity or what power company services my home... well... I was at a total loss! 

I know that other people moving to Provo don't always have family here to guide and help them. And most people don't have a real estate agent who gives them a welcome package on all the important numbers and places they need to know. 

My goal is for this website to be your go to resource for everything you need to know before, during, and after you move here to Provo, Utah. I want you to have the best experience and love living here as much as I do

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