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BLOG, Places to Eat in Provo

Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Right up front… I am going to tell you this is not a restaurant to feed a large family for a reasonable price. This is a higher than average priced restaurant. 

Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo is the perfect place to bring a first date to impress him or her! It is the perfect setting for celebrating an intimate anniversary or birthday. It is also a great restaurant if you like to enjoy fine dining in a casual atmosphere. 

After doing errands with one of my daughters, we were starving! The problem (though we totally get why) with the majority of the Downtown Provo restaurants is they are closed from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily. If you are hungry at 4 - you have to wait until 5 :).

We completed our errands right about 5 p.m. We were able to get into Communal without a reservation, just walked in… albeit … just in time!

There are only 7 tables in the restaurant. We were seated at a table for 2, and within 5 minutes all the tables were occupied. There was a reservation for a group of friends who came in. The staff had to put about 4 of their 7 tables together for this group of people. 

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended! 

What to Order at Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo Utah

Our waiter suggested that my daughter and I order a few menu items and share them, like family style eating. 

This was an excellent suggestion. 

We ordered the following: 

  1. Grilled artichokes 

  2. Potatoes Au’Grautin 

  3. Roasted Bone Marrow with house bread

  4. Roasted Carrots (my favorite)

One of the four dishes we ordered when we dined in at Communal: American Restaurant in Downtown Provo

All of these were super delicious… words cannot give these menu items justice. 

The Roasted Carrots consisted of the medley of baby style home grown and locally sourced multi-colored carrots. The hazelnut with the brown butter were to die for! Absolutely a perfect pairing of tastes. 

The location is so quaint. It is the historic downtown section of Provo,Utah. It is located on University Ave which has most of the local fine dining independent eateries.

Photo outside Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo captured by Katerina Gasset, author of the Move to Provo website

The building on the outside is old and historic while on the inside is the new urban feel people go for in restaurants these days. 

It is hard to find if you don’t know your way around because it doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. It looks almost like an abandoned building, worn down.. On purpose. 

And of course… I love how I can see the Provo City Temple from the front of Communal. 

I found this so appealing and so perfect to set the mood before you enter. 

From 5 p.m. on is their dinner menu. This is the menu we ordered from. 

However, we viewed their breakfast/brunch menu with FOMO!!!  We are going to go back to eat breakfast another day! Their breakfast/lunch menu is so intriguing and interesting! 

I happen to be one of those culinary reviewers who loves to eat breakfast any time of the day. 

And if you don't wake up early enough for breakfast, the best thing you can do is catch up for brunch! Check out one of my favorite places to eat in Provo: The Brunch House! Aside from their great menu, you will love their interesting history too!

About Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah 

Some of the dishes that stood out for me when we dined in at Communal, Potatoes Au'Grautin and Grilled Artichokes

This new American restaurant uses fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients in all of their dishes. Not to mention, their family-style dining and warm and inviting atmosphere make for the perfect setting to enjoy good food with friends. 

Chef Matt Eckelmann, who leads their culinary creations, grew up in a big, food-loving family with Italian, Irish, and German roots. He’s passionate about cooking dishes that bring people together through their love of food. Let me tell you, he’s a master at it! 

Some of the standout dishes on Communal’s menu this year include the Pork Belly, which features a perfect mix of charred salsa verde, pickled veggies, squash blossom, goat cheese ricotta, and pepitas. 

Or, for the comfort food with a twist, dive into their Chicken Pot Pie Tortellini with truffle, carrot, English pea, pearl onion, and pot pie brodo. 

The Crab Taco has jicama, pickled papaya, shaved jalapeño, poblano pepita salsa, cilantro, and pomegranate. 

I have heard they also have other delicious options like roasted root hash, roasted organic chicken, and maple roasted squash. Seriously, Communal Restaurant has it all. 

Communal also offers catering services, so you can share their incredible dishes with your friends and family at special events. They have gift cards available too! 

Go check out Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Private and Group Events at the Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah 

Table arrangements inside Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo. Perfect for celebrations or even romantic dates

Communal has a private dining room that can fit up to 10 guests. However, if you have a party of 8 or more, you’ll need to call ahead to book the room. 

It’s usually reserved for larger groups, but they’ll do their best to accommodate you. 

They require a fee of $200 if you have a smaller party or want to secure the room exclusively. That’s not bad at all for a private dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Provo, Utah! 

Communal also handles group events! They’ll ask you to choose a pre-set menu if you have a crew of 15 to 24 people. This is a menu that you and your party agree on before you arrive. 

You’ll get to pick two items from each category - starters, entrées, sides, and desserts. 

The price for the pre-set menu starts at $48 per person.

Book your private or group event at Communal Restaurant here. 

The Communal Restaurant offer buy-out options for groups of 25 to 45 people, and half buy-out options for 25 to 50 people. Imagine having the entire restaurant to yourself. This creates an exclusive experience just for you and your guests. How cool is that? 

Their buy-out options are available for 2-hour duration and include food and beverages. However, taxes and gratuity aren’t included in the price. 

For weekdays, the half buy-out option costs $3000, while on weekends it’s $5000. The buyout price is based on the restaurant’s projected revenue without the reservation. 

They offer offsite catering services as well! The minimum order requirement for offsite events is $1000. All you have to do is provide them with the necessary details, and they’ll make it happen! 

Want to stay updated on all the exciting happenings at Communal Restaurant? Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t miss out on tasty updates and mouth-watering photos! 

Location of Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah 

A photo I took of Communal in Downtown Provo when me and my daughters dined in

The Communal Restaurant is located at 102 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84601.

Communal: American Restaurant in Downtown Provo Opening Hours

Displays I took photos of during our dinner at Communal in Downtown Provo Utah

The Communal Restaurant is open for brunch from Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It offers a dinner menu from Monday to Saturday between 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Communal Restaurant is closed on Sundays. 

It's hard to find restaurants open between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Downtown Provo. Luckily, we found a restaurant to satisfy our hanger during one afternoon. Check out Thai Hut Restaurant and other delicious reasons why you should give this highly recommended restaurant a try aside from their availability 😉

Menu of Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo, Utah 

Menu Items and Their Costs at the Communal in Downtown Provo

The prices at Communal Restaurant might change occasionally. But don’t worry. I’ll give you an update after my next visit. 

Note: Reach out to the Utah County’s Department of Health if you have any health or safety concerns or questions about the restaurant. 



Cinnamon Coffee Cake - $9

Morning Bun - $9
Chocolate Hazelnut 

Banana Bread - $9
Mascarpone frosting, caramel sauce, candied pecan 

Hot Cereal - $10
Quinoa, coconut milk, house muesli, berries 

Smoothie bowl - $12
Apple, spinach, pineapple, banana, coconut milk chia pudding, goji berries, slices fruit 

Roasted blueberry toast - $14
Toasted sourdough with cinnamon whipped goat cheese, roasted blueberries, crushed pistachio and local honey 

Citrus salad - $10
Whipped ricotta cheese, candied pecans, arugula and balsamic reduction 

Smoked salamon panzanella - $15
Dill cream cheese, fried capers, shaved shallots, everything bagel 


Chorizo gravy and biscuits - $14
Clifford farms chorizo, house made flakey biscuits Add eggs +4

Truffled cheddar grilled cheese and tomato soup - $18
Local cheddar with black truffle, house made tomato soup 

Housemade brioche french toast - $15
Mixed berries and buttermilk syrup 

Benedict - $17
Grilled sourdough, local roasted mushrooms, poached eggs with house mustard hollandaise, petite greens 

Sourdough skillet pancake - $15
Pear compote, miso butter 

Fluffy egg madam - $15
Garlic herb bechamel, gruyere cheese, shaved country ham on brioche bun 

Steak chilaquiles - $20
Hatch chili verde, black beans, tortilla chips, sour cream, eggs 

Breakfast hash - $14
Bacon, sausage, ham, roasted potatoes with 2 eggs any style 

Bison patty melt - $22
Shaved pastrami, caramelized onion, horseradish dijionasie, gryuere cheese on marble rye sourdough 

Spam and rice bowl - $15
Jasmine rice, marinated cucumbers, kimchi, toasted sesame seeds, sunny side eggs 

Grilled steak salad - $22
Snuck greens, gorgonzola, roasted tomatoes, shaved red onion, tuscan vinaigrette, balsamic glaze 


Two eggs - $4
Any style 

Home fries - $4 

House french fries - $4 

Applewood smoked bacon - $6

Sausage links - $6

Vanilla yogurt and granola - $8
Vanilla yogurt and pecan honey oat granola 

House biscuits - $6
House jam, honey butter 


The Communal Restaurant in Downtown Provo served us this dish when we dined in during dinner


Celery salad - $12
Celery, celery root, endive, dates, ricotta salata, almonds, chili vinaigrette 

Snuck farms - $14
Radish, spring onion, mint, sunflower seed, feta, herb dressing 

Green Eggs & Ham - $15
Pork belly, perfect egg, english pea, crispy ham 

Green “tabouli” salad - $12
Tri-color quinoa, cucumber, fennel, fin herbs, lemon vinaigrette 

Roasted bone marrow - $18
Tarragon & caper salsa verde, pickled mustard seeds, house bread 

Roasted carrot hummus - $15
Queso fresco, pepitas, sunflower seeds, crudite, flat bread 

Toast - $12
Brown butter & miso honey roasted radish, sunflower tahini, feta 


Shareable for two

Trout - $33
Cucumber, apple, radish salsa, harissa carrot sauce 

Organic roasted herb chicken - $40
Arugula & confit garlic pistou, grilled lemon 

Braised pork shank - $45
Cheddar grits, braised collard greens 

Grilled ny strip steak - $55
Roasted tomato chimichurri 

Housemade pasta - $28
House made pasta 


Potato au gratin - $13
Local cheddar mornay 

Cavatelli - $22
Peas, goat cheese, pea shoots 

Buttermilk mashed potatoes - $10

Couscous risotto - $20
Asparagus, lemon, parmesan 


Roasted carrots - $12
Hazelnuts, brown butter chili honey 

Beet slaw - $12
Pistachio butter, pickled golden raisins 

Grilled asparagus - $16
Anchovy crumble, egg

Roasted artichokes - $13
Truffle aioli 


Amano chocolate pot de crème - $8
Maldon salt, chocolate chips 

Butterscotch pudding - $10
Crushed chocolate cookies, salted caramel, whipped cream 

Buttermilk panacotta - $10
Blueberry compote, lemon-thyme short bread 

Almond cake - $11
Raspberry mousse, white chocolate 

Carrot cake - $12
Mascarpone frosting, pineapple jam, carrot & pepita pecan brittle 

Review of the Communal Restaurant - 5 Stars! 

@utahrealestategassets 📅🍴 Ready for a culinary adventure? Keep an eye out for more Provo dining discoveries as we explore the vibrant food scene in this beautiful city. Stay tuned for the latest updates and delicious recommendations! 🍽️🗺️ Read more places to go- find them on our Provo Community Website: When you are ready to make your move to Utah- check out: Utah County Homes for Sale We are here for you with 40 + Years of Experience Helping You Through Your Real Estate Transactions. Katerina Gasset, REALTOR®, SFR, MRS, and Tristan Gasset, REALTOR®, PSA, MRS ~ Mother and Son Real Estate Team at The Gasset Group in Utah ~Brokered by eXp Realty Text us today: 561–603–9592 Our team sells businesses in all 50 states. If you are thinking of joining eXp, let’s talk! #ProvoFoodScene #FoodAdventures #LivinginProvo #eXpRealtyUtah #CoachKaterina #GetItDoneforMeVirtualServices #TristanSellsUtah #AmplifyYourLife #SellingProvoUtah #LivinginProvoUtah #MoveToProvoUtah #utahhomes #utahrealestate #utahrealtor #utahlife #utahblogger #utahisbeautiful #utahmountains #utahadventures #utahhiking #visitutah #realestate #realestatetips #realestatecoach #realtormarketing #utahrealtortips #ProvoEats #UtahFoodie #ProvoDining #LocalFlavors #FoodieAdventures ♬ La Vie En Rose - Emily Watts

While the average online stars for Communal in Provo are 4.5 stars, I still give this place 5 stars. 

The customer service and wait staff were over the top courteous and helpful. They were attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. They were interested in making sure we had a great dining experience. 

Speaking of the menu, the food was the best of the best for American dining. We ordered a variety of dishes, and everything was absolutely delicious. 

The flavors were unique, and the presentation was beautiful. It’s clear the chefs at Communal take great care in selecting the best ingredients. 

If you like this style of dining… cozy, quaint, local… with the Downtown Provo flair, you will also love Black Sheep Cafe.

Check out some of these reviews if you’re looking for more details about the Communal Restaurant. 

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Communal Restaurant, Communal Restaurant in Provo Utah, Fine Dining in Provo

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We were able to get all the good places to eat down fast - since she knows all that and we have a lot of the same likes in food. But things like how to turn on my electricity or what power company services my home... well... I was at a total loss! 

I know that other people moving to Provo don't always have family here to guide and help them. And most people don't have a real estate agent who gives them a welcome package on all the important numbers and places they need to know. 

My goal is for this website to be your go to resource for everything you need to know before, during, and after you move here to Provo, Utah. I want you to have the best experience and love living here as much as I do

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