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BLOG, Moving to Provo

Pros and Cons of Living in Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Welcome to my blog where I share the essence of Provo, Utah, through my eyes. Two years may not seem like a long time to some, but it's been enough for me to uncover the layers of this vibrant city that I now call home. 

I've compiled my experiences, from the scenic views to the community's heart, hoping to give you a glimpse of life here, whether you're considering a move or just curious about what makes Provo tick.

The Pros of Provo: A Tapestry of Nature and Community

Provo’s mountains are more than just a backdrop; they're a playground for the soul. The Wasatch Front, with its majestic peaks, offers a sanctuary where the air is fresh, and the trails lead to breathtaking views. Whether you're an avid hiker or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the mountains are a constant source of rejuvenation.

What truly sets Provo apart is its community. Close-knit and vibrant, the people here are the heartbeat of the city. Every "hello" on the street carries warmth, and the local events foster a sense of belonging. It's a place where neighbors know each other, and a friendly wave is never in short supply.

This is where we found Black Sheep Cafe, in beautiful Downtown Provo filled of great restaurants and establishments...

State Street in Downtown Provo showing Black Sheep Cafe's signboard

The culinary scene in Provo is a treasure trove of flavors, featuring a mix of restaurants along Downtown Provo, State Street, and Main Street. These eateries range from beloved mom-and-pop establishments to unique small franchises.

The Brunch House Restaurant Review

Front of The Brunch House in Provo Utah

I make it a point to review each place I eat at, each place I go to, capturing my experiences with photos and insights to keep you up-to-date with the amazing local spots that deserve your support, on this website. 

Now, Provo’s conservative nature could be seen as a pro or a con, depending on your perspective. The city is inclusive yet holds a conservative streak, reflective of Utah's red-state status.

Patriotic Service Freedom Festival in Provo

It's a place that prides itself on Second Amendment rights and freedom of speech. If you value open dialogue and can appreciate differing viewpoints, you'll find Provo's political climate engaging.

The Weather in Provo: A Celebration of Seasons

As someone who has experienced many years living in Florida where our seasons are hot and hotter, the four distinct seasons of Provo are a delight. 

The spring blossoms, the homegrown corn and tomatoes in summer, the fiery fall foliage, and, yes, even the powdery winter snow — all paint a picture of a city that lives in harmony with nature. 

Where to Find Day's Market in Provo

While some may consider the snow a con, for me, it's a blanket that transforms the city into a winter wonderland, offering a serene beauty that's hard to find elsewhere.

Embracing Provo's Religious Tapestry

A photo I took of the LDS Temple in Provo near my home. It has the picturesque Y Mountain as its backdrop...

Provo is a city steeped in faith, with a significant majority belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This shared faith adds to the sense of community, yet the city welcomes all with open arms. Whether you're Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness, or Lutheran, you'll find a congregation here. Provo is about inclusivity, regardless of your religious beliefs.

The Social Scene: Between Dry Bars and Nature's Bars

Nightlife in Provo may not be what you'd expect. With a limited number of bars due to state-controlled liquor laws, the city offers alternative social spaces known as "dry bars" for entertainment.

 If you're someone who prefers sobriety-friendly environments, Provo is ideal. However, for those who enjoy a more traditional bar scene, this could be a drawback.

The Great Outdoors and the Community Spirit

Mountains in Provo Utah

Provo's spirit of recreation extends beyond its borders. From fishing in the rivers to swimming, there’s a wealth of outdoor activities to indulge in. The community embraces these opportunities, enhancing the city's charm.

My journey in Provo, Utah, has been one of discovery and appreciation. The city's beauty, from the blue skies to the community warmth, is something I regularly share on my social media.

The Provo Recreation Center near my Home in Provo Utah with a lovely view of the Provo mountains

If you or someone you know is considering a move to Provo, check out all our latest homes for sale in Provo Utah: 

Check out our Provo Living YouTube channel: Move to Provo Utah Channel

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Provo

I also created this website for all the happenings in Provo, from events ( you can sign up for events to be sent to your email address), all of my restaurant reviews of the best places to eat in and near Provo Utah, things to do, places to go, how to move here, the culture and history of Provo, and current news. 

Provo, in my experience, is a place where every con can be a pro, depending on how you embrace life. It’s a city that deserves to be seen, lived, and loved.

So, whether you're fishing by the river or strolling through the streets, you'll find a piece of Provo that resonates with you. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more of Provo's stories with you.


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How to Update Magazine, Newspaper and Other Subscriptions When You Move to Provo Utah

About the author of Move to Provo Utah Website 

Katerina Gasset

When I moved here I was blessed to have my daughter to help with different things you need to know when you move to a new place. I had background from living here before but things have changed a lot too since the '80s. 

We were able to get all the good places to eat down fast - since she knows all that and we have a lot of the same likes in food. But things like how to turn on my electricity or what power company services my home... well... I was at a total loss! 

I know that other people moving to Provo don't always have family here to guide and help them. And most people don't have a real estate agent who gives them a welcome package on all the important numbers and places they need to know. 

My goal is for this website to be your go to resource for everything you need to know before, during, and after you move here to Provo, Utah. I want you to have the best experience and love living here as much as I do

Author Katerina Gasset - photo of me the author