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CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Yummy, yummy… is all I got to say. 😋 

CupBop Korean BBQ is my favorite Asian style fast food local restaurant by far!!  

They make these sweet potato noodles like the traditional glass noodles, but without the wheat. You choose from different varieties of CupBops. My kids love the RockBop. It is a Korean style tangly fried chicken. 

Healthy Korean Food Options in Provo Utah

Cupbop Korean Noodles and BBQ

I order the VeggieBop with ALL noodles, no rice and extra cabbage. 

I can’t seem to ever NOT order a side of Kimchi if a restaurant has it on the menu. In fact, this is one of the first things I looked for when we went to Ombu Grill, another great Korean restaurant here in Provo. Click the link to read my review.

Kimchi is one of my favorite foods… 

… and did you know it is SUPER healthy for your gut? It is packed with natural probiotics through the fermenting process. 

They serve the Milkis… so popular in Korea! It was first released in 1989 by Lotte Chilsung, South Korean’s largest beverage company. 

This drink is a blend of carbonated water, corn syrup, sugar, and milk. Some people love its creamy texture and unique taste. It will be the perfect accompaniment to your meal.  

The Korean potsticker is called, Mandoo. And they are so yummy you can order your CupBop with Mandoo in it.

Gluten-free Food Options in Provo

CupBop Korean BBQ Review

CupBop offers a gluten-free noodle option. 

When asked what is in their noodles, CupBop replied:

"Our noodles are made with 100% potato starch, carrot, soy, garlic, ginger, pepper, oil, sugar, and sesame seeds. (NO Flour or MSG)

And they are the most delicious noodles ever!"

How to eat CupBop 

1. PICK your protein & spicy level

2. MIX the bowl (shake, shake!)

3. Enjoy the simple & delicious Cupbop

Warning: CupBop Korean BBQ is addicting! And how could it not be? 

CupBop Korean BBQ Spice Levels 

You choose your spice levels from 1 to 10. How hot can you go? 

I go to the 7.5 level so far. I keep getting higher on their spice level chart 🙂 

You can go as low as Level 1 if you like it sweet, and if you like it super spicy, they have a Level 10 called “fire in the hole”. 

You can keep getting higher on their spice level chart, just like I did! 

CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo - The Story Behind the Name

Authentic Korean Food in Utah Valley

CupBop Korean BBQ Provo Slogan

CupBop Korean BBQ is more than just a restaurant - it’s a representation of the passion and belief of its founder, Junghun Song. 

His story is the successful adventure of the American Dream!!

Junghun has a strong belief that Korean food has what it takes to appeal to the world. His vision led him to start the first Cupbop food truck in 2013 with just four main dishes and a variety of special sauces that ranged from sweet to seriously spicy. 

I’m talking #10 heat here! 

Their most popular sauce by far is #7.5 Korean spicy, but Junghun has a playful side and can make you a #6.35 as well. 

After Junghun’s success with his food truck, a dear friend and successful restauranteur helped him open his first storefront.

Dok Kwon, one of the co-owners of CupBop, used to work as an investor in a big hedge fund before deciding to join forces with Junghun and make a career shift. 

He was the first customer when CupBop started selling Korean food from their food truck in Salt Lake City downtown. He saw the potential in CupBop and decided to pitch himself as a partner to Junghun. 

From there, they became co-owners and put their hearts into growing this fast-food concept. 

These days, Junghun and Dok own half of the business, while the other half is owned by Junghun’s co-founders. 

The amazing part? CupBop Korean BBQ has been growing organically since the beginning. They never needed to raise outside money to fund their growth. 

CupBop Shark Tank Success Story Timeline Infographic by created for the Move to Provo website

10 years of CupBop History

Even during the pandemic, they were able to pivot their operations to adapt. Instead of having people visit their stores, they started offering delivery services. 

That’s how committed they are to serving their customers. 

Junghun’s story is inspiring. He admits that he wasn’t the best student in Korea. When he came to the United States, he dedicated himself to making his dream of sharing Korean cuisine with the world a reality. 

And for him, it’s not just about money. It’s about proudly representing his Korean heritage and becoming the first Korean national brand in the U.S. 

We can’t forget about Dok Kwon, who’s also got an incredible story. When he was just 11 years old, his parents left him and his brother in Provo during a summer vacation. 

Their parents wanted them to have a better education and carefully planned everything, even finding them a host family in Provo. 

Dok’s parents enrolled them in a private school called the Meridian School in Springville, Utah. 

That’s some serious sacrifice for the American dream!

But it hasn’t been all rosy for CupBop. In their early days, they had a hard time explaining the menu in English. They would just say SHHH…JUST EAT instead. That’s how their very first slogan was born!

What really sets Cupbop apart from other restaurants is their values. They truly care about their community, and they want to show their appreciation and support for teachers. That’s why they offer free meals to them!

Why teachers, you ask? As Cupbop believes, if teachers are happy, kids will be happy. And if kids are happy, families will be happy. It’s all about spreading happiness, one delicious CupBop Korean BBQ dish at a time. 

Another thing that Cupbop believes in: generosity. In Korea, ‘Deom’ means ‘giving extra with love’. That’s exactly what you’ll experience if you go to Cupbop Korean BBQ. 

Their crew loves to share generosity of Korean culture by giving a little something extra, like more protein or Mandoo. No strings attached, just delicious food served with a smile! 

One of the most exciting parts of the CupBop Korean BBQ story is that Junghun Song was on SharkTank™!

He and Dok Kwon have a dream of being the first Korean brand to be invested in by the sharks. And guess what? They made it happen! 

When they appeared on the show, they already had 27 locations open, but they wanted to take their franchise to the next level. They were seeking a $1 million investment in exchange for 3% of the company. 

The Sharks were definitely interested in this unique and delicious concept. 

Kevin O’Leary offered them the money they were seeking as a loan, but with a 10% interest rate, along with taking the 3% stake. Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, wanted a 30% stake in exchange for investment. 

Robert Herjavec suggested a $5 million investment in exchange for 28%, and Lori Greiner offered a $1 million loan at 8% interest for a 5% stake. 

Mark Cuban offered advertising along with a $1 million investment in exchange for a 7% stake. 

Things were heating up, but Song and Kwon came to an agreement with Cuban for $1 million for a 5% stake. 

But what’s really fascinating is they were able to turn down some pretty enticing offers because they believed in their vision and their brand. 

Today, CupBop Korean BBQ has grown even more, with many locations across the country. They were even featured on multiple news and magazine articles, highlighting the impressive growth of their business!

You can grab some delicious Korean BBQ from their food trucks, or you can visit one of their brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Either way, you’re in for a treat! 

(Read more about Shark Tank here:

Location of CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo, Utah

The CupBop Korean BBQ is located at 815 700 E, Provo, UT 84606.

Aside from this one in Provo, they also have multiple locations in Utah: CupBop Utah Locations

CupBop is also currently in Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, and Oklahoma in the US. Currently, they have grown to over 100 locations worldwide!

Hours of CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo, Utah

The CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo, Utah is open from Monday to Saturday at 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Make sure to follow CupBop Korean BBQ on or on for even more mouth-watering Korean food content.

CupBop Korean BBQ Menu

Best Korean Restaurants in Utah Valley

Corndog at CupBop Provo Utah

*I can’t guarantee that the prices mentioned in this Menu of CupBop Korean BBQ are current. I promise to keep you in the loop with any changes on my future visits.

Meal Options at CupBop Provo Utah

  • Make It a Meal - Choose any bowl; Mandoo (3pc) included; Choose your drink
  • Make It a Meal_Milkis - Cupbop Choice (Select 1); Side Choice (Select 1); Asian Drinks (MED) (Select 1)
  • Make It a Meal_Chips -  CupBop Choice (Select 1); Drink Choice (Select 1); Turtle Chip
Korean BBQ Near Me in Provo

RockBop at CupBop in Provo Utah




Rock Bop

Korean style tangy fried chicken


Combo Bop

Your choice of two proteins/ veggies


B Bop

Korean style BBQ beef


Piggy Bop

Korean style BBQ pork


Kko Kko Bop

Korean style BBQ chicken


Doochi Bop

Fried tofu


Veggie Bop

Korean style, Veggies


Noodle Bop

Korean style sweet potato noodles


Ugly Bop

Korean style fried chicken


Mandoo Bop

Deep-fried pot stickers


Side Dishes at Cup Bop Korean BBQ

Mandoo (Potsticker) - $3.25 

Mega Mandoo (12pcs) - $11.74

Mandoo Plus (5pcs) - $5.25 

Where to Eat Korean Food in Provo

Kimchi Served at CupBop Korean BBQ

Kimchi - $3.25 

Side of Noodles - $3.35

Side of Rice - $2.35 

Milkis and Other Korean Drinks at CupBop

Large Asian Drink - $3.30 

20 oz Bottle - $2.95 

Monster - $3.50 

Medium Asian Drink - $2.50

Milkis Strawberry - $1.25

Milkis Peach - $1.25

Milkis Apple - $1.25

Milkis Original - $1.25

CupBop Menu Nutritional Information

CupBop is amazing when it comes to nutrition. They have all the nutritional information listed on their website if you’re counting calories or checking macronutrients. 

No more guesswork on what you’re consuming. It’s all there for you to see! 

But that’s not all! CupBop is also a great option for those with allergies and dietary restrictions - whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan. They have detailed ingredient lists and allergy information available on their website. 

It’s so reassuring to know they prioritize the safety of their customers.

CupBop Korean BBQ Deals 

For September, CupBop Korean BBQ offers a special deal called “Make It A Meal & Size Up Mandoo.” This deal includes 5 pcs deep-fried potstickers, or mandoo, with any Make it a Meal (Bowl, Kid’s Bowl, K-Dawg) purchase. 

You’ll get the mandoo as a side instead of the usual chips or kimchi. 

This offer is available at all participating CupBop stores for dine-in, drive-thru, and pick-up orders at Don’t forget this cannot be combined with other coupons or promotions. 

Head to CupBop and take advantage of their fantastic deal while they last. You can also be up to date with other deals by visiting their Upcoming Deals and Events Page!

Looking for more Asian cuisine goodness? I made a list of the best Asian Restaurants in and near Provo Utah. Check it out: Top Asian Restaurants in Provo

Review - 5 Stars: CupBop Korean BBQ in Provo, Utah

By far, for Asian fast food restaurants, CupBop in Provo and the one in Orem at University Place Mall are my go-to fast Korean food in a bowl! 

The bowls are absolutely packed with flavor. The service is always super friendly and efficient. 

You can follow them on Facebook and on Tiktok for more things CupBop!


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