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Seven Brothers: Gourmet Burgers in Provo Utah

By Katerina Gasset

I am searching for the best gourmet hamburger in Provo/Orem, and I was determined to find it. The criteria are it has to be a local or small franchise, so ‘In and Out Burgers’ and ‘Five Guys’ don’t count 🙂

When it comes to finding great burger restaurants, the best place to look first are always online reviews. 

Seven Brothers Burgers comes highly recommended. Their reviews online are promising – lots of people raving about how delicious their burgers were! 

I am not a person who won’t try a restaurant over a few bad reviews. Sometimes, bad reviews can be misleading and don’t necessarily reflect most people’s experiences. 

I decided to check out Seven Brothers Burgers for myself. 

Seven Brothers Burgers in Provo

Gourmet Burger Restaurant in Provo Utah

Seven Brothers Burgers is in the Shops at Riverwoods. The restaurant is conveniently located next to Provo Beach (not a real beach) but is still a great place for families and friends to hang out. 

Seven Brothers Burgers had two entrances – one that you can access from inside Provo Beach and another through a separate entrance. 

The atmosphere at Seven Brothers Burgers will draw you in and make you feel at home.

Best Burger Restaurants in Provo Utah

Gourmet Burger Near Me Provo Utah

It also has wooden tables and chairs. 

You order your meal from the counter, pay for it, then get a number for your order on a holder. You take that to your table. The staff brings you whatever meal you ordered in no time! 

Best Burgers in Provo Utah

Seven Brothers Burgers Menu

I ordered the Max Burger, with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and Max sauce. To complete my meal, I also got a side of fries from them. 

The fries at Seven Brothers Burgers are made differently than most other fries. They are more like thick chips instead of regular fries. They tasted amazing, too – definitely better than any other fries I’ve ever had. 

Seven Brothers Burgers Signature Dishes

Thick Fires at Seven Brothers Burgers

Even better than the tasty sides were the burger themselves. Every burger at Seven Brothers is large enough to fill you up. Plus, their buns are perfectly fluffy and yummy too. 

Seven Brothers Burgers Signature Dishes

Seven Brothers Burgers Ratings

The most popular burger at Seven Brothers Burgers is the Paniolo Burger  (Paniolo translates to cowboy in Hawaiian). This burger has all sorts of goodness, such as pineapple, onion rings, cheese, and house and BBQ sauces layered into one big juicy burger patty!

Seven Brothers Burgers started in Hawaii. This grew into 4 locations in Hawaii and 2 in Utah, with more scheduled to open in other locations. 

Seven Brothers Burgers in Provo Utah Reviews

Seven Brothers Burgers Atmosphere

And yes, there are actually Seven Brothers that own Seven Brothers Burgers. 

I lived in Hawaii for five years. I love feeling the nostalgia of memories of Hawaii. When I read the menu at Seven Brothers, I was thrilled to read the Hawaiian words! So fun!

Ohana means family. Keiki means kids. Panioli means cowboy.

Where to Eat Burgers in Provo

Seven Brothers Burgers Locations

Seven Brothers Burger offers franchise opportunities, so others can enjoy the same great taste and vibe that has made them such a hit with local customers in Provo.

Seven Brothers Burgers History

Founders of Seven Brothers Burgers in Provo Utah

How Seven Brothers Burgers Started 

Seven Brothers Burgers in Provo started as a love story. In 1976, two people met and fell in love: a young Samoan surfer and a beautiful California girl. They married soon after and had seven sons together – Spencer, Sterling, Seth, Shem, Seek, Max, and Shez, although they also wanted to have a daughter. 

Despite facing the trials of raising a large family, the couple vowed that their seven sons would one day grow up, work, and live together. 

Hawaiian Burgers in Provo

Seven Brothers Burgers Story

In 2009, their dream became a reality when they purchased a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Kahuku, Oahu. After much hard work and dedication, Seven Brothers Burgers was established as an independent business. 

What’s Unique About Seven Brothers Burgers

In addition to serving great-tasting food, Seven Brothers Burgers also stocks an array of merchandise if you’re looking for something extra special to take home with you. 

You can find clothing for women, men, kids, and babies and accessories like personalized engraved bracelets, bucket hats, trucker hats, drawstring bags, tote bags, and tie-dye hats – perfect souvenirs! 

These trendy items are perfect for accessorizing any outfit! 

Decor items such as coffee mugs and pillows are also available. Check Seven Brothers Burgers merch here

Best Gourmet Burgers in Provo Utah

Hawaiian Burger Restaurant in Provo

Seven Brothers Burgers offers live music every Friday night. From 6-8 pm, local musicians provide both locals and visitors with an entertaining evening. 

Seven Brothers Burgers Location

You can find Seven Brothers Burgers at 4801 N. University Ave., Provo, UT 84604.

Seven Brothers Burgers is located inside Shops at Riverwoods in Provo, Utah, right beside  Splash Pad, a great match with the restaurant's Hawaiian vibe. Parking can be found in between 4800 N and University Avenue. A quick walk through Clock Tower Road will conveniently lead to Seven Brothers Burgers from the parking lot.


Seven Brothers Burgers is open: 

Monday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Sunday - Closed

Hawaiian Burgers in Provo Utah

Best Places to Eat Gourmet Burgers

Seven Brothers Burgers Menu and Prices

Note: Prices can fluctuate from time to time, but don’t worry –I’ll keep this blog updated with the latest numbers, so your next meal is as budget-friendly as possible!

Seven Brothers Gourmet Burgers

all burgers come with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions and house sauce 

Paniolo - $11

Giant homemade onion rings, grilled pineapple, bacon and melted American cheese all covered in house and BBQ sauce.

Max Burger - $10

grilled mushrooms, bacon, and melted Swiss cheese smothered in mushroom madness sauce. 

Shem Burger - $11

fresh homemade guacamole, two crispy strips of bacon and melted American cheese and house sauce. 

Spencer Burger - $10

grilled jalapeno, two crispy strips of bacon, melted Swiss cheese, topped with a homemade onion ring and spicy, blue cheese ranch. 

Teri - Samoa - $10

original patty dipped in thick caramelized teriyaki sauce, two crispy strips of bacon and grilled pineapple, topped with melted American cheese and house sauce. 

Deep Blue - $11

crumbled blue cheese melted on patty, topped with two crispy strips of bacon, Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, house sauce and ranch. 

Seven Brothers Cheeseburger - $8

with delightfully melted cheese. 

Keep the Country, Country (Veg) 

grilled pineapple, sauteed mushroom, melted swiss cheese, avocado, homemade onion ring with house sauce

Make it More

Fries + Drink - $3.50
Fries + Drink + Salad - $5.50
Fountain Drink - $2.50


Polynesian Salad - $11

grilled pineapple, sweetened coconut flakes and crushed macadamia nuts, served with our signature coconut dressing. 

Coconut Macadamia Nut Shrimp Salad - $15

our house salad with wonton noodles, craisins served with 4 hand battered and packed coconut MacNut shrimp with papaya seed dressing and Thai dipping sauce. 


Home Fry - $4

seasoned to perfection 

Crazy Fry - $6

seasoning, caramelized onions melted cheese and house sauce. 

Paniolo Fry - $8

grilled pineapple, bacon, caramelized onions, melted cheese, BBQ sauce topped with two homemade onion rings. 

Keiki Menu (Kids)

fries and drink included

Plain Cheeseburger - $7

Grilled Cheese - $6


Acai Bowl - $7

Brazilian super fruit sorbet topped with sliced banana, shaved coconut and granola, drizzled with honey. 

Mom’s Banana Bread 

timeless, freshly baked banana bread topped with toasted coconut and chocolate sauce

slice - $3
sundae - $6


Chocolate & Vanilla - $6.50

Best Places to Eat Burgers in Provo Utah

Seven Brothers Burgers is no doubt the best when it comes to gourmet burgers! But, if you'd like other great burger options, I can recommend a few other restaurants in or near Provo that I've already tried and tasted.

  • Granny's Drive-In - Located in Heber City (a few minutes away from Provo). Granny's Drive-In is not only known for their tall milkshakes, they have great burgers too! Their burgers are famous for their fresh buns from with delicious beef short ribs in between!
  • The Brunch House - The Brunch House features a wide variety of brunch meals and this includes their large cheeseburgers that always come with fries. I don't think their burgers are considered as gourmet burgers just like the ones in Seven Brothers, but they're definitely worth a try!

I can't really pit these three against each other because that would be like arranging a boxing match for three athletes under different weight classes. As you can read on my reviews though, I definitely enjoyed the unique dining experience each of these restaurants gave! Simply click the link to each restaurant to read my full review.

Seven Brothers Burgers Famous Burgers

What to Order at Seven Brothers Burgers Provo

Review - 5 Stars!

Seven Brothers Burger deserves 5 stars! The burgers are at the top of my list of the best burgers in Provo /Orem. 

From the moment you walk in, you can tell this restaurant takes pride in what they do. The place is spotless and extremely organized, giving off an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. 

The staff is friendly and accommodating, always ready to answer any questions. 

The food served at Seven Brothers Burgers is delicious. The flavors are balanced perfectly, and I love how generous they are with their toppings. 

Overall, Seven Brothers Burgers is an amazing place to satisfy your burger craving in Provo/Orem. Highly recommended for people looking for good quality food at a great price! 

To learn more, follow Seven Brothers Burgers on Facebook.


Best Burger Restaurants in Provo Utah, Gourmet Burgers in Provo, Seven Brother Burgers in Provo, Where to Eat Paniolo Burger in Provo Utah

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