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BLOG, Places to Eat in Provo

Mi Ranchito in Orem: Mexican Restaurant near Provo, Utah

By Katerina Gasset

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo, Utah is located right across from Kickin’ Seafood near Trader Joe’s at University Place Mall in Orem, Utah.

Some sisters in my ward go to the Provo Temple each week. This week I went with them. 

After the temple, they go to different restaurants for a late lunch. 

They invited me to go with them to Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant, which they said was excellent.

They were right! I loved all the choices on the menu and some very authentic Mexican choices, including seafood entrees. 

One of the dishes served to us at Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant. Their mole sauce is the best I've ever tasted...

Mi Ranchito Restaurant Menu

They make substitutions happily. I wanted the Mole Chicken Enchiladas that is on the menu but I didn’t want the chicken. I asked if I could have Mole vegetable enchiladas, they were happy to make them for me. 

They were amazing! They were so good, I ate way too much, ate it all there at the restaurant, and did not ask for a take home container, lol! Yes, I was stuffed… and I paid for it later on with a tummy ache.. But it was SOOO worth it! 

These combo plates come with your choice, like enchiladas or tacos, etc. It is served with the traditional refried beans and Spanish rice, topped with melted cheese. The beans were delicious! The rice was soft, cooked just right, and perfectly spiced. 

A photo I took of the table at Mi Ranchito Restaurant in Orem Utah. The traditional Mexican dining experience and their wide variety of Mexican delicacies truly amazed me...

Traditional Mexican table setting at Mi Ranchito

The mole sauce was the best I’ve had in the states!

Mole sauce is a traditional Mexican sauce. The original word is 'molli' which actually means sauce. The history of the word 'mole' (pronounced 'moe-lay') dates back to the Aztec Empire, the largest indigenous group in Mexico. Mole sauce is usually used as an addition to a dish and is made up of nuts, chili peppers and dried spices.

I don’t eat fried foods except for the occasional french fries if they are worth it taste wise. I didn’t try the Chimichanga, but 2 of the sisters ordered the Chimichanga combo meal. The rumor has it - that Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant makes the best Chimichangas in the valley. My friends agreed. 

If you are a vegetarian, you can ask for veggies instead of meat in almost all of the menu items. 

How Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Started in Utah

The unique Mexican dining experience offered by Mi Ranchito deserves the highest rating! This photo I took of one of the tables captures the impressive restaurant design you will see when you dine in...

The best enchiladas and mole sauce in Utah Valley

It all started with the Armenta family, who came to Utah from Guanajuato, Mexico, with a passion for cooking and many secret family recipes.

Senorina Armenta knew how to combine ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes that everyone in her family craved. 

When the Armentas arrived in Utah, they knew they wanted to share their culinary delights with the local community. They put their skills to work in their kitchen, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create authentic Mexican cuisine. 

But then, Manuel Armenta had a grand idea. Why not share their family’s recipes with the community and open a restaurant? They all pitched in, and in 1983, they opened the first Mi Ranchito Grill in Orem, Utah.

The interior design of Mi Ranchito Restaurant is like like food: authentic and impressive! I had an amazing dining experience here at their restaurant in Orem, Utah.

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Interior Design

As the restaurant grew in popularity, Manuel and his wife Senorina took on more responsibility and shared the role of running the restaurant with their kids. And as time went by, the Armenta family’s commitment to quality and authenticity never wavered. 

Today, Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo still holds true to their value of providing authentic and top-quality Mexican food.

Their friendly and welcoming staff, along with the cozy atmosphere, will make you feel right at home. 

What’s Unique About Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo, Utah 

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant in Orem, Utah got an incredible online ordering system. Their website is easy to navigate and lets you place your order quickly and efficiently. 

Plus, I love that I can order from the comfort of my own home. It saves me time and the hassle of finding a parking spot. 

They also offer gift cards. You can now treat your loved ones to the gift of Mexican cuisine by purchasing a gift card online or at their Orem location. 

And let’s not forget about the atmosphere. Mi Ranchito has a cozy and inviting environment that makes you feel like you’re eating in a traditional Mexican restaurant. 

The decor is colorful and lively, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. It’s the perfect place to gather friends and family and enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Plus, the staff are friendly and attentive, making you feel right at home.

How to go to Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

Photo I took outside of Mi Ranchito Restaurant located in Orem Utah

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Sign Board

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant is located at 1109 S State St, Orem, UT 84097.

A photo I took of the menu at Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant. i will definitely go back to until I have tried all their delicious cuisines..

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Menu in Orem

Hours of Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo, Utah

Mi Rachito Mexican Restaurant is open on: 

Mon-Thurs: 11 am to 9pm

Fri-Sat: 11am to 10pm 

Sun: 11am to 9pm

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant Menu

One of Mi Ranchito Restaurant's authentic Mexican dishes served to us when we dined in at their restaurant in Orem...

Authentic Mexican Food near Provo

The prices I’m about to mention may not be up to date. But no worries, I’ll make sure to update this post after my future visits to keep you all in the loop. 

Sunday Lunch Special

One Beef Enchilada, One Chile Relleno, and One Beef taco - $11.99

Monday Lunch Special 

Two Beef Enchiladas - $10.99

Tuesday Lunch Special 

Two Chicken Enchiladas - $10.99

Wednesday Lunch Special 

One Chicken Tone, one Chicken Enchilada - $10.99

Thursday Lunch Special 

Beef & Bean Burrito - $10.99

Friday Lunch Special 

Friday Chimichanga
Spiced shredded beef, pork or chicken breast, wrapped in a hard shell tortilla, - $11.99

Saturday Lunch Special
One Beef Enchilada, One Taco - $10.99

Savory Mexican Appetizers at Mi Ranchito Restaurant

Shrimp Nachos - $20.79

Al Pastor Nachos - $17.99

Side Sour Cream - $2.00

Beef Nachos - $16.79

Chicken Nachos - $16.79

Pork Nachos - $16.79

Carne Asada Nachos - $17.99

Half Buffalo Wings - $7.99

Full Buffalo Wings - $15.99

Nachos - $8.99

Half Guacamole - $5.99

Full Guacamole - $10.99

Quesadilla Cheese - $7.79

Cheese Crsip Loca
With lettuce, tomatoes, and olives & choice of Beef or Chicken 

Cheese Crisp - $8.99

Queso Fundido - $7.99

Queso Fundido W/ Chorizo - $9.49 

Carne Asada Fries - $10.99 

Jalapenos Rellenos - $5.99

Bean Dip - $5.99

Soups and Salads at Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant in Orem, Utah

Mi Ranchito Soup Fresh chicken, and rice soup garnished with cilantro, avocado, and lime. Served with hand made tortillas. - $12.49

Caldo De Camaron
Shrimp soup - $13.99

Caldo 7 Mares
Seafood combination soup - $17.99

Mi Rancihto Salad
Grilled Chicken or Beef steak, rice, pinto beans, Jack cheese, pico de gallo, and corn tortillas striped - $14.99

Taco Vallarta Salad
Served with lettuce, beef or chicken, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, beans, and cheese - $11.49

Shrimp Fajita Salad - $14.29

Avocado Salad
Served with lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese. Olives, sliced avocados and sour cream. - $10.49 

Chicken Salad
Served with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olives and chicken - $9.99

Grilled Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken breast stripes, served with romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole - $14.99

Grilled Shrimp Salad
Grilled Shrimp, served with romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream - $16.99

Grilled Chicken Wrap - $9.99

Asada Wrap - $9.99

Dinner Salad
Served with lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cheese, and Italian dressing - $5.99

Fajita Salad Fajita grilled chicken or Beef, served with romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole, sour cream - $14.99

A photo of the enchiladas I ate at Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant. Their mole sauce is one of the best I have ever tasted...

Authentic Mexican Dishes Served at Mi Ranchito

59 Authentic Mexican Food Combinations at Mi Ranchito Restaurant

Combo#1 - One Beef Taco - $8.99

Combo#2 - One Beef Enchiladas - $8.99

Combo#3 - One Chile Relleno - $8.99

Combo#4 - One Chile Relleno, One Beef taco - $11.29 

Combo#5 - One Beef Enchiladas - $11.99 

Combo#6 - Two Beef Tacos - $11.99

Combo#7 - One Beef Tamale, One Beef taco - $11.29 

Combo#8 - One Chile Relleno, One Tamale - $11.99 

Combo#9 - One Beef Enchilada, One Taco - $11.29

Combo#10  - One Beef Enchilada, One Beef Tamale, and One Beef Taco - $14.49 

Combo#11 - One Beef Enchilada, One Chile Relleno, and One Beef taco - $14.49 

Combo#12 - One Beef Tamale, One Chile Relleno, and One Beef Taco - $14.49 

Combo#13 - One Beef Enchilada, One Chile Relleno, and One Beef Tamale - $14.49 

Combo#14 - Two Beef Tacos, and One Beef Enchiladas - $14.49 

Combo#15 - A deluxe combination of one Beef Tostada, One Beef Enchilada, One Beef Taco and one Chile Verde Burrito - $19.99

Combo#16 - Two Chicken Taquitos - $8.69 

Combo#17 - Three Beef Taquitos - $8.99

Combo#18 - Two Beef and Two Chicken Taquitos - $11.64 

Combo#19 - Beef and Bean Burrito - $11.99

Combo#20 - Pork and Bean Burrito - $11.99

Chicken#21 - Chicken and Bean Burrito - $11.99

Combo#22 - Bean and Cheese Burrito - $10.89 

Combo#23 - Beef and Bean Burrito and Chile Relleno - $14.99

Combo#24 - Beef and Bean Burrito and Beef taco - $14.99

Combo#25 - Beef and Burrito and Beef Tamale - $14.99

Combo#26 - Beef and Bean Burrito and Beef Tostada - $14.99

Combo#27 - Beef and Bean Burrito and Beef Enchilada - $14.99

Combo#28 - Chicken and Bean Tostada - $9.99

Combo#29 - Beef and Bean Tostada - $9.99

Combo#30 - Pork and Bean Tostada - $9.99

Combo#31 - One Beef Taco, one Beef Enchilada, one Chile Relleno and one Beef Burrito served with rice and beans. - $19.29

Combo#32 - One Chile Relleno, one Chicken Enchilada - $11.99

Combo#33 - One Chicken Taco, one Chicken Enchilada - $11.29 

Combo#34 - Two Chicken Enchiladas - $11.99

Combo#35 - Two Chicken Tacos - $11.29

Combo#36 - One Cheese Enchilada - $8.99

Combo#37 - Two Pork Enchiladas - $11.99

Combo#38 - One Chile Relleno, one Cheese Enchilada - $11.99 

Combo#39 - One Pork Enchilada, one Chile Relleno - $11.99

Combo#40 - Two Cheese Enchiladas - $11.99

Combo#41 - Two Chile Rellenos - $11.99

Combo#42  - Three Beef Enchiladas - $14.49 

Combo#43 - Three Beef Tacos - $13.79

Combo#44 - Three Soft Tacos, beef or chicken - $13.79

Combo#45 - One Chile Verde Burrito smothered - $11.99

Combo#46 - Two Chile Verde Burritos smothered - $15.99

Combo#47 - Rice, Beans and Cheese Tostada - $11.49

Combo#48 - One Chile Relleno Burrito - $11.29 

Combo#49 - Carne Asada Burrito - $13.99 

Combo#50 - Beef Tostada and Beef Enchilada - $14.29 

Combo#51 - Beef, Chicken or Pork Tostada - $11.49 

Combo#51 - Beef, Chicken or Pork Tostada - $11.49 

Combo#52 - Soft shell with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, tartar sauce. Choose 2 or 3 Tacos - $0.00

Combo#53 - Mexican sausage mixed with two eggs - $11.99

Combo#54 - Two veggie enchiladas - $11.49 

Combo#55 - Veggie Burrito - $11.99

Combo#56 - Supreme Burrito (Choice of chicken, shredded beef or pork(Giant Burrito prepared in a larger homestyle  - $14.99

Combo#57 - Carnita Burrito - $12.99

Combo#58 - Ranchito Burrito, carne asada, pico de gallo, potatoes and cheese  - $14.99

Combo#58 SHRIMP - Ranchito Burrito, carne asada, pico de gallo, potatoes and cheese. Try with shrimp - $15.99

Combo#59 - Marinated Pork strips, rice and beans - $13.99 

Colorful decors and the accommodating staff made the dining experience at Mi Ranchito in Orem Utah a wonderful one...

Unique Mexican dining experience at Mi Ranchito

Mi Ranchito Restaurant's Carnes Rancheras 

Al Pastor Quesadilla

Grilled folded flour tortilla stuffed with marinated pork strips, and monterrey cheese. - $15.99

Shrimp Parrillada

84 Grilled large shrimp, combined with grilled onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. - $99.00

Bistec En Rajitas

Steak strips, marinated in salsa roja, seasoned with onions, tomato chunks and green peppers. - $13.99

Bistec Encebollado A La Plancha

Two succulent steaks, served with onions, avocado and three fresh flour tortillas - $14.99

Bistec Mexicano

Succulent steak topped with tomato, chunks of white onions and chile verde. - $14.99

Bistec Milanesa 

Two breaded succulent steaks with sauteed onions and three avocado slices. - $15.99

Carne Asada Dinner

Two succulent steaks served with grilled onions, avocado slices and three fresh flour tortillas. - $17.99

Carne Asada Quesadilla

Seasoned Steak Chunks in a flour with grilled onions, green peppers, and melted cheese - $15.99

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla - $15.99

Carne Con Chile Rojo

Steak strips seasoned with onions red salsa. Served with rice and beans. - $13.99

Carnitas Michoacanas

Delicious pork chunks served with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole, and sour cream. - $14.99

Chalupas (Two Mini Taco Salads)

Served in two fried corn shell tortillas with shredded beef, rice, beans, and tomatoes, topped with lettuce - $9.99

Chicken Fillet

Grilled chicken breast served with grilled onions and three avocado slices. - $14.99

Chicken Fingers

Chicken breast strips (4), batter dipped and fried until golden brown. - $13.99

Chile Verde Dinner

Tender pork chunks served with green tomato and onions (tasty but not too hot) - $14.99


Spiced shredded beef, pork or chicken breast, wrapped in a hard shell flour tortilla - $14.99

Don Manuel’s Special

Your choice of five separate items served with rice and pico de gallo - $21.99

Dona Senorina Plate

Two delicious pieces of carne asada, two small cheese corn quesadillas, one nopal, green onions - $19.99

Enchiladas De Mole

(Contains Peanuts) Three chicken enchiladas smothered in Mole sauce - $15.99

Enchiladas Ranchera

Two pork enchiladas, topped with our “Smothered Salsa Verde” served with rice and beans - $12.99


Beef, Chicken or Vegetables. Grilled steak strips or grilled breast of chicken, seasoned with onions  - $16.99

Fajitas Beef and Chicken

Grilled steak strips and grilled breast of chicken, seasoned with onions, tomatoes and green peppers - $18.49

Fajitas Beef & Shrimp - $18.49 

Fajitas Chicken and Shrimp 

Grilled breast of chicken and shrimp, seasoned with onions, tomatoes and green peppers - $18.49 


Three deep fried flour tortillas, stuffed with shredded chicken breasts or beef. Served with guacamole - $14.99

Giant Quesadilla

Crisp folded flour tortilla stuffed with seasoned chicken breast or shredded beef, onions - $14.99

Milanesa De Pollo

Thinly sliced chicken breast with sauteed onions and three avocado slices. Served with rice beans - $15.99


(Serves two) Authentic Mexican dish that includes 6 large grilled shrimp, carne asada strips - $38.99

Mole Poblano

(Contains Peauts) A favorite Mexican dish served during special occasions, such as weddings - $16.99

Pancho Villa 

One Taco de carned asada, on taco de carnitas, one smothered chile verde burrito and one relleno - $16.49


(Serves four) Astonish your family and friends with this impressive dish at your table. - $73.99

Pollo Deshebrado

Shredded breast of chicken sauteed with tomato, onion, garlic and pepper. - $14.99

Tacos Al Pastor

Three soft corn tacos with seasoned pork strips, marinated in pineapple and orange juice. - $14.99

Tacos De Carne Asada or Chicken

Three soft shell tacos with seasoned chunks of beef steak or chicken, topped with guacamole - $14.99

Tacos De Carnitas

Three soft shell tacos stuffed with seasons pork, fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, guacamole - $14.49

Triple Meat Fajitas

Grilled Steak, Chicken and Shrimp strips seasoned with onions, tomatoes and green peppers - $26.99

Veggie Chimichanga

Grilled green peppers, juicy tomatoes, and sweet red onion fried in a flour tortilla. - $13.99

Veggie Fajita Quesadilla

Grilled tomatoes, sweet onion and green peppers on a bed of melted monterrey jack cheese - $13.99

A La Carte

12 Large Shrimp - $9.00

Fish Taco - $3.99

Taco Al Pastor - $3.89

Al Pastor Burrito - $7.99

Bean Beef Burrito - $7.49

Bean Cheese Burrito - $6.89

Beef Enchilada - $3.49 

Beef Tamale - $3.49

Bowl of Chile Verde Salsa - $4.99

Carne Asada Burrito - $7.99

Carne Asada Taco - $3.89

Cheese Enchilada - $3.29 

Chicken Breast Burrito - $7.49 

Chicken Enchilada - $3.49 

Chile Relleno - $3.49 

Chile Verde Burrito - $7.49 

Chiles Jalapenos - $1.99 

Chiles Toriados - $5.99 

Corn Tortillas - $1.25

Flour Tortillas (3) - $1.99

French Fries - $4.49 

Large Beans - $6.49 

Large Chips - $4.00 

Large Chips and Salsa - $8.99

Large Rice - $7.99

Gallon Salsa - $30.00

Large Salsa - $5.29 

½ Gallon Salsa - $15.00 

Lettuce and Tomato - $2.99 

Nopales - $2.00

Olives - $1.25 

One Egg - $1.50 

One Scoop Guacamole - $1.50 

One Scoop Sour Cream - $0.75

Onions - $1.25 

Side Lettuce - $1.25 

Mexican Onions - $2.00

Side Salad - $3.50 

Pico De Gallo - $2.49 

Pork Enchilada - $3.49 

Regular Tortilla - $0.60 

Rice and Beans - $5.99 

Rice with Melted Cheese - $5.49 

Shredded Beef - $4.49 

Shredded Cheese - $3.99

Shredded Beef - $4.49 

Shredded Cheese - $3.99 

Shredded Chicken - $4.49 

Small Beans - $3.49 

Small Chips and Salsa - $3.49 

Side Grilled Chicken - $7.29 

Small Rice - $3.99 

Small Salsa - $0.75

Small Tortillas - $0.50 

Taco - $3.49

Flauta - $3.99 

Taco De Carnitas - $3.89 

Taquito - $1.50 

Three Avocado Slices - $1.25


Margarita - $5.99 

Daquiri - $5.99

Soft Drink - $3.49 

Pina Colada - $5.99 

Lemonade - $3.49 

Jarritos - $2.99

Sangria - $2.99 

Sidral Mundet - $2.99 

Coffee - $2.99 

Milk - $2.99

Hot Chocolate - $2.99 

Apple Juice - $2.99 

Orange Juice - $2.99 

Aqua De Pina - $3.99 

Horchata - $3.99 

Refill Pitcher - $3.99 

Horchata Pitcher - $7.99 

Agua De Pina Pitcher - $7.99


Shrimp Soft Tacos
3 Soft shrimp tacos served with mango sauce and pico de gallo - $17.99

Flautas De Camarones
Three deep fried flour tortillas, stuffed with grilled shrimp and Pico de Gallo, served with guacamole - $17.99

Fajitas De Camarones
24 Grilled shrimp seasoned with onions, tomatoes and green peppers, three flour tortillas - $19.99 

Enchilada De Camarones
Two flour tortillas stuffed with shrimp, sauteed in delicious tomato sauce flavlored with lemon - $16.99

Lobster Enchilada
Flour tortilla stuffed with lobster meat. Garnished with avocado slices, sour cream, fresh tomato - $17.99

Lobster Quesadilla
Lobster meat, lots of jack cheese, mango salsa and pico de gallo - $17.99

Grilled Shrimp Quesadilla
One dozen large shrimp, lots of jack cheese and pico de gallo, all stuffed into a home made flour tortilla - $16.99

Camarones A La Diabla (Very Hot) - $15.99

Camarones Empanizados - $15.99

Camarones Del Golfo
Shrimp sauteed in delicious tomato sauce flavored with lemon, tender onions, tomatoes - $15.49 

Cocktel De Camaron
Shrimp Cocktail - $14.59

Cocktel De Camaron Y Pulp
Shrimp & Octopus Cocktail - $18.79

Tostada De Ceviche - $6.29

Tacos De Camaron
3 Shrimp Tacos - $16.99

Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo
Large shrimp sauteed in butter and garlic sauce. Served with rice and beans - $14.49

Enchilada Acapulco
Flour tortilla stuffed with real crab meat. Garnished with avocado slices, sour cream, fresh tomato - $16.99

Kid’s Meal 

#1K Soft Taco - $5.99 

#2K Enchilada - $5.99

#3K Bean-Cheese Burrito - $5.99

#4K Nachos - $5.99

#5K Quesadilla - $4.49 

#6K Rice & Beans - $4.99

#7K Cheese Fries - $6.49 

#8K Chicken Nuggets - $5.99 

#9K Grilled Cheese - $5.99

#10K Chicken Fingers - $5.99

#11K Macaroni Cheese - $5.99

#12K Pizza - $5.99

#13K Cheese Sticks - $5.99

Kids Pina Colada -$1.99 

Kids Drink - $0.99

Egg Plates 

Huevos Racheros
Three eggs over easy, served with rice, beans and three flour tortillas with Mexican Salsa - $12.99 

Chorizo Con Huevos
Two eggs scrambled with Mexican Sausage, served with three flour tortillas, rice and beans - $12.99 

Carne Con Huevos
Two eggs, shredded beef, with tomatoes, onions, and three flour tortillas. Served with rice and beans - $12.99 

Chilaquiles Con Huevos
Two eggs with corn tortillas, tomatoes, onions and Mexican Salsa. Served with rice and beans. - $12.99

Torta De Huevos
Three eggs omelet prepared with tomatoes and onions. Served with three flour tortillas, rice - $10.99 

Mi Ranchito Omelet
Three eggs omelet with crab meat and cheese. Served with avocado slices, rice and beans. - $15.99


Apple Flauta
Tender apple slices with cinnamon wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried to perfection and then coated in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with caramel sauce - $8.99

Fried Ice Cream
You can’t resist the temptation of our delicious vanilla ice cream, rolled into our very own style of caramel - $6.99

Flan - $6.49

Ice Cream - $4.99 

Molten Lava Cake - $6.99 

Tres Leches
Mini lunchbox tres leches topped with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and peaches. - $7.99

If you're a fan of tacos, Jurassic Street Tacos is something worth a try too! I've been here as well and it's actually a hard choice between Mi Ranchito and Jurassic Street when it comes to the best tacos in Utah Valley. Read more about it by clicking the link to my blog and maybe you can help me decide which one';s better.

Original photo by Katerina Gasset taken inside Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo. You will love their authentic Mexican dishes whle looking at the restaurant's colorful interior

Inside Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant near Provo

Review: 5 Stars 

I give Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant 5 stars for their menu variety, quality of food, large portion sizes, and wait staff courtesy and outstanding customer service. 

Don’t forget to follow Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant on or .
@utahrealestategassets Craving the authentic flavors of Mexico here in Orem, Utah? Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant is where you want to be! From mouthwatering Mole sauce to sizzling Fajitas, they've got something for everyone. Bring your appetite and savor a taste of Mexico today. 🇲🇽🌮 Read more restaurant reviews on our Provo Community Website: When you are ready to make your move to Utah- check out: Utah County Homes for Sale We are here for you with 40 + Years of Experience Helping You Through Your Real Estate Transactions. Katerina Gasset, REALTOR®, SFR, MRS, and Tristan Gasset, REALTOR®, PSA, MRS ~ Mother and Son Real Estate Team at The Gasset Group in Utah ~Brokered by eXp Realty Text us today: 561–603–9592 Our team sells businesses in all 50 states. If you are thinking of joining eXp, let’s talk! #AmplifyYourLife #MovetoProvoUtah #KaterinaGassetRealtor #TristanGassetRealtor #TheGassetGroup #eXpRealtyUtah #UtahRealtors #CoachKaterina #GetItDoneforMeVirtualServices #TristanSellsUtah #SellingProvoUtah #MovetoProvoUtah #PlacestoEatinUtah #PlacestoEatinUtahCounty #UtahRestaurants #UtahRestaurant #UtahRestaurantScene #UtahRestaurantReview #ProvoRestaurants #UtahCountyRestaurants #RestaurantMarketing #RestaurantMarketingTips #RestaurantMarketingSuccess #MexicanFood #AuthenticMexican #OremEats #MiRanchitoUtah #MexicanFlavors ♬ I Like It - Cardi B & Bad Bunny & J Balvin

I imagine Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant would make for great parties and catering.  



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